Osteopathy and the Workplace

Many patients present with similar injuries. Most common are due to spending many hours seated, either driving, working and resting. This all leads to altered posture, shortened hamstrings, weakened abdominal muscles and restricted spinal joints.

Arm pain & Hand Aches - Commonly caused by tightening of the muscles in the neck which may cause nerve compression in the neck. This is often as a result of poor posture at the desk and or heavy use of the mouse. Conditions that respond well to osteopathic treatment include Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, cramps.

Lower Back Pain - Often as a result of poor posture, incorrect seat or desk height approximately 9 million working days are lost in this country from lower back injuries and pain.

Through gentle osteopathic treatment we can generally speed the healing time, lessen pain and reduce the time spent off work.

Neck Pains - Often result from spending many hours at a computer or in the car. This has an impact on weakening of the abdominal muscles, or sitting on the edge of the chair leading to slouching . This may cause the joints to extend, they then become irritated and inflamed.

The muscles in the back become stretched, resulting in an inability to remove the by-products of metabolism and supply fresh blood. This is then followed by constant dull aching, which, often miraculously is eased by standing and walking.

Whiplash injuries can be painful, long lasting and cause headaches, pins and needles in the fingers as well as painful stiff necks. Gentle osteopathic treatment can help to alleviate symptoms and aid the return to normal function.

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