Osteopathy and Expectant Mothers

More than 80% of women experience back pain during pregnancy – a time when exercise is likely to be difficult and you may not wish to take some medicines.

Osteopathy provides non-invasive relief from structural pain, tension, digestive problems and other difficulties. Treatment is safe for you and your baby.

Conditions that osteopathy can help include Lower back pain, Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD) and Nausea.

Many expectant mothers come to us for preventative therapy, for example, managing the potential problems caused by changes of posture or weight and opening the pelvis to ease labour.

A postnatal appointment will, for example, look at whether your pelvic bones have returned to the correct positions. We can also give your baby a check-up at this time.

Case study

Anna was 36 weeks and in great discomfort with Symphysys Pubis pain. Her doctor had prescribed rest and she had been provided with crutches to support her difficulty in walking.

This is a common and quite painful condition which requires a gentle but simple realignment technique. On getiing up from the couch after treatment she experienced no pain and no requirement for crutches. She happily and with great relief walked out of the clinic unassisted.

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