Osteopathy and Babies and Children

Many children first come to us when their mothers have a post-natal health check. The Clinic treats a range of childhood health problems, from postural defects and chronic infections to behavioural difficulties and allergies.

The paediatric osteopath will investigate and treat the underlying causes of your child’s problem, reducing tensions and improving the basic function of the organs, nervous system, digestive system, circulation, and lungs as well as the muscles and ligaments. Osteopathy can complement the role of your doctor or hospital in the treatment of your child. Treatment is safe and non-invasive.

Sometimes a mother will feel a sense of inadequacy with her child particularly if it is fractious, irritable, restless and cries a lot.

Babies do cry but if the crying is persistant or a piercing scream it can often be an indication that something is not quite right. It is the skill of the osteopath to find out what is happening and to carefully and gently help to resolve the problem.

Some of the conditions we treat include:

For Babies - Colic, Poor sleeping pattern, Restless, generally unhappy baby, Glue ear, Mishapen head, Birth trauma

For children and teenagers - Poor concentration, Anxiety, Posture, Sports injuries, Headaches, Fatigue, Asthma, Growing pains.

Case study

Little Mollie had a difficult birth. With the cord around the neck she had a great struggle trying to push out before (after several hours and foetal distress) she was delivered by emergency Caesarian. Early childhood was difficult with a lot of distress crying for several hours every day, inconsolable the mother had tried everything. We saw her aged 3. A very difficult child, aggressive with other children hitting, punching and biting her way around. She received treatment over 3 months. After the third treatment the grandmother noted it was like having a different grandchild, 'a sweet natured happy child'. Over the period of treatment there was a significant and lasting reduction in aggressive behaviour.

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